Terms and Conditions.

Upon deciding to utilise the services of Hunter Surveillance Services Ltd the client is accepting that they have read and agreed to terms and conditions set out below.

Prior to commencement of the service both parties will decide upon a course of action that will result in the optimum outcome for the client’s specific requirements.

Hunter Surveillance Services Ltd will not be held liable for any costs or damages that the client may incur due to the service(s) that are provided.

Should the client proceed in any legal matter using the evidence provided no costs will be held against Hunter Surveillance Services Ltd due to the outcome of that proceeding.

Hunter Surveillance Services Ltd is regulated by the Information Commissions Office so will never release information without prior consent. All data will be held in adherence to legal requirements.

During periods where a client requires the rental of a tracker it is at the client’s discretion to disclose any information gleaned to a third party. Should a client decide to do so then they are solely liable for any actions resulting from this decision. If due to the actions of a client the tracker is lost damaged or tampered with they are liable for any resultant costs.

All costs incurred during the investigation are payable upon conclusion and prior to the handing over of the findings.

All information provided by the client will be kept by Hunter Surveillance Services Ltd and will not be disclosed to any other companies or 3rd parties.

All information presented by the client will be kept in confidence and returned or destroyed upon request within a 30 days period of receiving the information. After the 30-day period all information received from the client will be destroyed unless a written request is made.

Information gained during the observations will be deleted after 30 days if there is no written instruction to keep this for longer.

Payment must be made 48 hrs before any services are due to start.

All prices quoted on the website are per agent. Most services will require a minimum of two agents to get the best results, some may even require more depending on different factors.

Any cancelations are to be given no later then 24 hrs before the start date/time of the services requested. After this period no refund will be given.

Information collated during the investigation will be presented in the form of a video and a written report.