Experts in Surveillance & Investigation


Experts in Surveillance & Investigation

Discover the truth

Driven by a desire to fight injustice and help people discover the truth, Steven Hunter – a former Royal Marine Commando – founded Hunter Surveillance Services.

Based in Chorley, Preston in Lancashire, our team of professional private investigators and surveillance experts provide tailored services for business and private individuals across the UK.

Using approved surveillance methods and industry-leading technology, we provide a discreet way for clients to get the evidence they need.

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What can I expect?

With Hunter Surveillance Services, you get a discreet, professional and 100% confidential private investigative service. We’re ICO registered, with a wealth of experience stemming from backgrounds in the military, law enforcement and security sectors. This is exactly why our surveillance and investigation services are such a high-quality. We’ve been trained by the best and we only work with the best.

Our surveillance agents ready to deploy anywhere at any given time. From photos and videos to recognisance and location tracking, our tailored approach delivers concrete evidence that can’t be disputed.

  • 4K HD Video
  • GPS Tracking
  • Static & Mobile Surveillance
  • Competitive Rates
  • Rural & Urban Surveillance
  • Data Protection
  • Fully Insured
  • Industry Experts

Our services

We offer a wide range of specialised services, including insurance fraud surveillance and investigation, matrimonial surveillance, private investigations and sickness and absenteeism investigations.

We also offer GPS vehicle tracking. This includes deployment, retrieval and a live online tracking panel so you can view the movements of a vehicle in real time.

A private investigator taking photographic evidence

Insurance Fraud

Fraudulent claims are costing insurance companies millions and setting back policy holders with increased premiums. Surveillance teams are available for quick deployment with static and mobile cameras available.

Fraudulent claims help
Cheating Partner

Cheating Partner

Sudden changes in behaviour? Staying out late? Hiding their phone? If you doubt your partner’s loyalty, you deserve to know the truth. With our matrimonial investigative services can know for sure.

Catch a cheating partner
A Workplace warehouse

Employee Investigation

Are your employees falsely claiming sick leave or injuries? Is this a regular occurrence? If you have doubts, there’s an easy way to find out. We will lead your investigation, discover the truth and provide the evidence you need to take action.

Sickness and Absenteeism