Counter Surveillance Services

Get peace of mind with our expert services

Counter Surveillance Services

Get peace of mind with our expert services
Hunter Surveillance Services

Counter Surveillance


Do you suspect you’re being followed or that your movements are being monitored? Whether you’re concerned that you’re the target of a surveillance operation for business or personal purposes, Hunter Surveillance Services can help. You might think that surveillance operations only happen in movies – but the truth is, anyone can find themselves being followed, bugged or eavesdropped on. Given that these services are normally performed by highly trained professionals, it’s very difficult to detect their presence, as well. That’s why you need to fight fire with fire. At Hunter Surveillance Services, we provide expert counter surveillance services to put your mind at ease. Call us today for impartial advice and a no-obligation quote.

When is counter surveillance appropriate?

Are you experiencing the unsettling feeling of someone watching you? The reality is that anyone can become the target of surveillance for a wide variety of different reasons. It could be that you hold a prestigious role in your company or esteemed status within your local community, and someone wants compromising information about your personal life for blackmail. Maybe you have amassed enough personal wealth to attract the attention of others, who are jealous of your success and want to use incriminating surveillance data to leverage you into paying a ransom for the information. Perhaps a rival company is tailing you to try and access commercial secrets and intellectual property belonging to your employer. Or your boss might not believe that you are entitled to sick pay or benefits. It could simply be that a jealous partner is concerned you may be cheating on them and has contracted a third-party to provide proof one way or another. Even a former lover may not have relinquished their hold on your relationship and wishes to ascertain the identity of your new partner. There are virtually limitless explanations for why someone might wish to track your movements and obtain photographs or footage of you without your consent. If you suspect that something similar might be happening to you, it’s important to get to the bottom of the matter. After all, your mental and physical health could well depend on it.

Confidential investigations

Information will only be passed onto agents working for, or on behalf of, HSS. Confidentiality is key.

A team of professionals

All our agents have either a military, policing or proven professional background. We also have a number of specialist operatives and undercover agents.

Urban or rural

Whether working in a city centre or out in the country, our agents carry a selection of equipment with them for any eventuality. We’re available on standby 24/7.

How does it all work?

The first step in taking back control of your life and putting your fears to rest is contacting the team of trained professionals at Hunter Surveillance Services. Given that all of our staff have police or military backgrounds, we understand the tricks and techniques employed by anyone who might be tailing you – and we can turn the tables on them without their knowledge.

All it takes is one phone call to hold an initial consultation, discussing your situation and providing you with a no-obligation quote for our services. Then, once you’re happy with the arrangement, we’ll work closely with you to understand your current daily transit habits and perform thorough reconnaissance upon them. If necessary, we may ask you to adjust your route slightly to facilitate the counter surveillance operation.

We’ll then place our operatives in position along the agreed route and monitor your movements over a number of days, recording and logging all pedestrians and vehicles which pass through our funnels. This will allow us to determine whether the same cars or persons are trailing you in a discreet manner, all without the surveillance team having a clue that they themselves are being observed.

Best of all, we can deliver efficient and reliable results without breaking the bank. Our counter surveillance services generally cost the same or less as contracting any other type of surveillance team and in the most straightforward of cases, we can complete the operation within a matter of hours.

Don’t you deserve the peace of mind to get on with your life? With experienced agents, highly advanced technological equipment and a personal case manager at your disposal, you can rest assured that Hunter Surveillance Services can help.

ICO Registered

Total peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

Off Your Plate

Leave us to do the work while you focus on your business.

Expert Investigators

We’re fully trained with years of experience.

Fully Insured

We’re covered for public and employee liability insurance.

Professional Backgrounds

All agents come from military and police backgrounds.

State-of-the-Art Tech

All evidence is crystal clear with the latest tech on our side.

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We offer day rates and longer term package deals for all surveillance requirements. For a free quote and advice on the best services and steps to help your situation, contact us today.


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