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Insurance Fraud Investigation and Surveillance

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Fraud investigation and surveillance

Insurance fraud is a growing culture within the U.K. pushing premiums sky high. People have become driven by money and one of the easiest ways to get this is through insurance claims. Individuals will go to lengths such as staging vehicle collisions with people they know and splitting the claim to braking sharply so individuals have no time to stop and unfortunately causing then to crash into the personnel wanting to make the claim.

This unfortunately leaves a policy holder having a claim made against them and their insurance potentially increasing the following year. Often injuries will be exaggerated at doctor/hospital appointments to get the claim as high as possible. Then when the injured party are away from the appointment they will continue living their life injury free. These sorts of claims are costing insurance companies thousands of pounds each time in pay outs but with the evidence these claims could be reduced or even stopped. Hunter Surveillance Services offer a full fraud investigation and surveillance service.

We cover all of the United Kingdom and the EU, Providing surveillance teams on the ground. All our equipment is high quality giving our customers the high resolution quality evidence they require. 

With all our fraud investigation cases we will provide you or your company with the following.

  • Personal case manager.
  • Experienced agents. 
  • Pre reports (ONSIT – Open source intelligence, Reconnaissance).
  • HD footage and images.
  • Daily logs and updates.
  • All original footage.
  • GPS tracking history (*if requested)
  • Edited video with date/time stamp.
  • End of surveillance report (All findings and recommendations going forward)

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Confidentiality is key. Information will only be passed onto agents working for/on behalf of Hunter Surveillance Services Ltd.

A Team Of

All our agents have either a Military, Police or Proven professional background, HSS have a number of  specialist operatives and undercover agents. 


Video evidence of the individual/s living their life either injury free or with injury’s far less then what they are claiming for. Proving your suspicion of a false claim.

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What We Can Do for you?

  • Insurance Fraud Investigation
  • Insurance Fraud Surveillance
  • Covert HD video evidence
  • Reduced payouts for insurers

With more people and insurance companies becoming victim to the crime of fraud it is not surprising that Hunter Surveillance Services Ltd sees an increasing number of enquiries from those struck by misfortune. We have acquired a wealth of knowledge when it comes to exposing fraudulent activity, and our accomplishments are second to none.

What drives us to get results

Being of a Military, Police or experienced professional background, our agents strive to be the best and upmost professional at all times. Using a vast amount of collective experience and high end equipment Hunter surveillance services Ltd are able to conduct cases under any circumstances. 

Step 1

  • Contact HSS
  • Explain your case
  • Get a free quote
  • Except our T&C's

Step 2

  • Information enquiries
  • Reconnaissance
  • ONSIT - Open souce intelligence
  • GPS tracker deployed (If requested)

Step 3

  • Investigation
  • Surveillance
  • Daily log and updates
  • GPS tracking (if requested)

Step 4

  • Edited evidence video
  • Evidence log
  • Tracking report (If requested)
  • End of surveillance report

iCO Registered

Have confidence in the way we handle your personal or business data.

Our Personnel

All our agents are Professional, Experienced and Discreet.

Highly Trained

All our agents are either Ex-Military, Police or Proven professionals.

We do the work

When instructed we complete the work ourselves, cutting out inferior contractors.

Fully Insured

HSS operatives operate with full public and employee liability insurance cover.

Our Tech

Our HD recording capabilities along with our high end equipment helps us get the results for you.

Hunter Surveillance Services

Our Rates

Hunter surveillance services Ltd offer day rates and longer term package deals for all surveillance requirements. For a free quote and advice on the best services and steps to help your situation call or e-mail  using the details below.

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