Professional Surveillance Services from Warrington to Chester


Professional Surveillance Services from Warrington to Chester
Your local private investigator in the North West

Get Crucial Information with a Private Investigator in Cheshire

Looking for professional investigation services near you? Hunter Surveillance offers exactly what you need.

Whether you’re a private individual in Warrington or a business in Chester, we’ll do our best to accommodate your requirements and get the information you need.

Private investigator in Cheshire

In many cases, you’ll already know the truth. But proving it is another matter. At Hunter Surveillance Services, we’ll use our expert private investigation skills to get you the information you need to act.

From insurance fraud to missing persons or even a suspected cheating partner, we can assist you every step of the way. Put yourself in the hands of professionals who know the Cheshire are well and are always close by when new leads present themselves.

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Cheshire Canal

Where you’ll find us

Cheshire is a vast area, where secrets can be buried easily. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to dig them up. We’re very familiar with the North West of England, and being close by also means we can always deliver the highest standards to our clients.

Our team is always ready for any eventuality. We carry a selection of high-quality equipment with us at all times so we can be sure to get to the bottom of your enquiry. Some of the areas we cover include:

Warrington, Chester, Crewe, Runcorn, Widnes, Ellesmere Port, Macclesfield, Northwich and many more.

Specialist Operatives

When you use Hunter Surveillance Services, you can be sure of a first-class service every time. The team is led by Steven Hunter who has nine years of experience and a Royal Marine Commando background. Every member of the team is trained to the highest standard, with all team members coming from military, policing and other professional institutions.

The Proof You Need

It’s important to be presented with right evidence when the truth is uncovered. When our team solves your case, you’ll be presented with the proof you need. Expect HD video surveillance, vehicle tracking, photos and more. In short, you’ll have everything you need to take your case to court, should you need to.

We Respect Your Privacy

We understand that some of the cases we take on are sensitive. We have the utmost respect for our clients’ privacy and always ensure we safeguard your information. The details you give us and the details we uncover will always remain confidential. From Chester to Crewe and Warrington to Wilmslow, our team will always be discreet and careful.

Investigation & surveillance solutions for private individuals in Cheshire

Our Private Services

Hunter Surveillance Services can offer you total peace of mind by finding the information that’s constantly on your mind. Is your loved one missing? Do you have suspicions that your partner is cheating? We’re here to help.

Cheating partner surveillance

Unfortunately, it can be easy to get away with cheating today. With the advancement of technology, hiding secrets is common and it’s difficult to catch a cheating partner out without help.

Some of the signs that your partner could be cheating include odd behaviour, hiding their phone and not being able to account for their whereabouts. If you need help figuring out whether your partner is being unfaithful, we’re always on hand. Let us uncover the truth for you, so you can peacefully get on with your life, with or without your partner.

Find a missing person

Finding someone you’ve lost can weigh heavy on your mind. Perhaps you’re looking for a family member you lost touch with, or maybe a previous tenant still owes you rent. If the person is likely to be in the North West of England, we’ll do our best to put you in touch with them.

No missing person stays missing with our specialist team of investigators. We’re so confident in our skills that we’ll offer you a no-find, no-fee service if you can give us a sufficient amount of information to work with.

If you don’t have much information about the person you’re looking for, don’t worry. We’ll still do our best to find your missing person by conducting a more in-depth search for an additional fee. All of the services we offer are affordable and we’ll get as much information to you in as little time as possible.

We also offer corporate services for businesses, organisations and commercial entities in Cheshire.

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Investigation & surveillance solutions for businesses, commercial entities & organisations in Cheshire

Corporate Services

Corporate Buildings 2

For landlords

Whether it’s a flat in Ellesmere Port or a detached house in Macclesfield, landlords have never got an easy job. Some tenants can be a nightmare and it’s extremely difficult to prove when they’re not abiding by their contracts. At Hunter Surveillance Services, we can look into anything from fraudulent maintenance claims to proof of cohabitation.

If you intend to take a claim to court, you’ll need extensive evidence. We’ll provide you with comprehensive reports that include several visits to the property, video surveillance and photos.

GPS vehicle tracking

When it comes to business, time is money. This is never truer than when employees are using business cars, whether it’s a delivery company or sales rep on the go. If you suspect an employee is using their company vehicle for something other than business needs, it’s important to find out about it.

Using GPS vehicle tracking, we can show you where your company vehicles are going on each journey. This can tell you if drivers are going directly to their destinations or using the vehicle for other journeys. Our GPS tracking devices could save you a lot of time and money.

Insurance fraud

Insurance fraud is all too common these days but it’s difficult to prove what’s truly happening. Unfortunately, many employees are exaggerating the extent of their injuries in the workplace in order to get a quick and easy pay out.

For employers, this can lead to losing out on vital business money and ruining your reputation. People like this need to be stopped – and we can help to stop them. We’ll use our surveillance and intelligence to catch out anyone falsifying their claim and give you the evidence you need to back it up.

Corporate investigations

If you suspect an employee of illegal activity, we can help put your mind rest. Whether you suspect your employee of theft from your business or fraudulent sick leave, we have the technology to put the suspects under close surveillance.

We want you to be able to trust every one of your employees but, sadly, that isn’t always the case. We’ve helped businesses in areas like Chester and Runcorn, and we can help you too. Don’t sit and wonder when we can tell you with absolute certainty.

Sickness and absenteeism

Sick leave can be a difficult stretch of resources for businesses. They might have to pay double wages for more support or ask other employees to take on more work. Understandably, that’s a lot more frustrating if you suspect that one of your employees is unfairly claiming sick pay.

Perhaps you’ve been told that the employee has been seen out socialising or taking part in activities that disprove their sickness. Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with it. We’ll be able to quickly provide you with the evidence you need to confront fraudulent employees.

iCO Registered

Your personal and private data is safe and secure during and after investigation.

Proven Results

Not only will we discover the truth, we provide all necessary evidence for you to act.

Expert Investigators

Our agents are all trained to the highest standard, working safely and discreetly.

We Take Control

Unburden yourself from worry. We’ll manage your case and determine the truth.

Full Insurance

Our team of investigators has full public and employee liability insurance cover.

Local Team

We’re based in Chorley, Lancashire – and know the North-West back-to-front.

Hunter Surveillance Services

Our Costs

From the urgency to the scale, every case is different. Whatever your goals and challenges, we can provide a cost-effective solution to suit you. We offer day rates and longer-term package deals for all surveillance and investigation services in Cheshire and across the UK.

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