Private Investigator Lancashire

Private Investigator Lancashire

Hunter Surveillance Services,private investigator Lancashire offers surveillance and investigation services to the general public and the corporate sector.

We conduct our services all over the Lancashire area including Accrington, Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley, Clitheroe, Darwen, Fleetwood, Fylde, Lancaster and Preston to name just a few.

What Services do we offer?

Surveillance Services

Insurance Fraud 

Insurance fraud has been on the rise for years. It is an easy way to make a claim for cash without doing much. With people becoming greedy and wanting to make money doing very little insurance fraud is one of the easiest routes to go down. If you think a policy holder is a victim of insurance fraud or even if you personally think a person who is making a claim against you is exaggerating their injury’s, surveillance could be the way to prove that the injury’s are not as bad as the claimant is saying so.   

Cheating Partner Investigations

Cheating has never been as easy as it is today. Maybe people are more unfaithful now then they where 10 years ago, this hasn’t been helped by the likes of social media and numerous free dating apps where it is easier to connect with new people. People always seem to think the grass is greener and that they need something new in their life. This is all good at the time until they are caught and realise what they have lost. If you think your partner is acting different, going out more then normal maybe hiding their phone from you. Then Surveillance and tracking could help you get the answers to where they are and who they are meeting.

Employee Sickness and Absenteeism 

Sickness and absenteeism costs businesses all over Lancashire, after working hard to make an established company the last thing that is needed is an employee who wants to sit at home saying they are ill but really are going out with their friends to do social activities while still getting paid by your company. It just another way people take money as they think they wont get caught. Businesses don’t need lazy people like this and with the right evidence grounds for dismissal would be valid. 


Corporate  Surveillance

GPS Vehicle Tracking

With GPS tracking devices you willknow the exact movement of a vehicle. With reporting from 5 seconds to one hour and a  live tracking panel to see where the vehicle is at that moment in time.  There will be no denying if it has been somewhere it shouldn’t and potentially used for other things then it should of been used for. 




With our tracing service if you have the right information we offer a no find no fee service. If you only have limited information about a person then we still offer a very competitive price to do a more in depth search.

Maybe it’s a family member you haven’t seen for years an old friend or you want to find someone for another reason personal to yourself. Hunter surveillance services can assist you with this.

Why Choose us?

All of the services we provide are done so with the professionalism, Quality and care that you would expect from a company serving the public and companies of Lancashire. We know you deserve to find out what is needed to put your mind at ease and that is what drives Hunter surveillance services to get the findings to let you know what is going on.


If you would like help from a private investigator in Lancashire with any of the services we provide please contact us by e-mail, phone or Facebook on the details below.

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Phone – 07555712919 / 0808 281 2512 (call or text) we will get back to you if unavailable to answer at the time of your call.



Private investigator lancashire offering local surveillance and investigation.

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Our agents are all ex-military, police or proven professionals.

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We are trained and experienced in discreet, comprehensive vehicle tracking.

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HSS agents operate with full public and employee liability insurance cover.

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