Private Investigation Services

100% confidential from the first point of contact

Private Investigation Services

100% confidential from the first point of contact


Do you or your company require the services of a private investigator to give you peace of mind? Whether it’s a cheating partner, dishonest tenant, non-paying client, or something else you need information about, Hunter Surveillance Services are here to help.

Our team of surveillance agents have plenty of experience in taking on all kinds of investigative projects with both commercial and personal interests at heart. In fact, we’ve helped everyone from private citizens to large corporations get to the bottom of a matter that was troubling them emotionally or financially, from missing persons and divorce proceedings to insurance fraud and employee theft.

We’re the number one private investigation service provider in Lancashire and the surrounding area. Why suffer any problem alone? Our surveillance team are waiting to take your call – just give us a ring on 0808 281 2512 for a no-obligation quote and free, impartial advice on what to do next.

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Why might I need private investigation services?

You might think hiring a private investigator is something straight out of a Hollywood movie. However, Hunter Surveillance Services have plenty of experience in helping everyday people and workaday businesses in Lancashire and across the UK. Unearthing the truth about personal affairs, preventing losses for your company and providing evidence for legal cases – it’s what we do.

As an example, we’re often tasked with tracking down a missing person. Whether it’s a family member who has slipped off the radar or an acquaintance who seems to have vanished into thin air, we can provide tangible results where the police have fallen short.

Alternatively, it could be that you’re concerned that your partner is cheating on you. Are they leaving the house earlier and coming home later than usual? Do they seem secretive, irritable or erratic in their behaviour? Have they mysteriously acquired a new phone and do they jealously guard its contents? All of these could be the tell-tale signs of an unfaithful lover – but the only way to know for sure is to hire a private investigator.

The same investigative experience and know-how makes us a valuable asset to a number of local businesses. You might be a landlord or estate agent suspecting subletting at one of your properties. Or perhaps you suspect an employee of stealing from your business or fraudulently claiming sick pay.

Whatever the reason, Hunter Surveillance Services can help you solve the problem and ease your worries. Our private investigation services are effective, discreet and confidential, giving you the information you need to get on with your life.

Confidential investigations

Information will only be passed onto agents working for, or on behalf of, HSS. Confidentiality is key.

A team of professionals

All our agents have either a military, policing or proven professional background. We also have a number of specialist operatives and undercover agents.

Urban or rural

Whether working in a city centre or out in the country, our agents carry a selection of equipment with them for any eventuality. We’re available on standby 24/7.

How does the investigation process work?

It couldn’t be simpler to start the ball rolling on a private investigation. All that’s required initially is an email or phone call to one of our experienced operatives, all of whom have a police, military or professional background. As a result, they have intimate knowledge of how to conduct a discreet surveillance operation and extract the information that you desire.

During the initial consultation, we’ll work closely with you or your business to understand the exact specifics of your unique situation and ascertain what your targets are. With everyone on the same page, we’ll then supply you with a no-obligation quote for our services. Once you’ve agreed to the arrangement in principle, we’ll put in place a dedicated plan for unearthing the information you require.

To do so, we have a wide variety of techniques and tactics at our disposal, all of which have been honed over many years of training and practice. Our playbook includes (but is not limited to) the following methods of investigation:

  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Static and mobile surveillance
  • Digital espionage
  • 4K HD video footage
  • Rural and urban experience

At the outset of any new project, we’ll do our best to give an estimation of the timeframe that it might involve, though that can certainly vary from case to case. Then, once we have acquired the information that you need, we’ll furnish you with the official documentation and evidence which supports our findings. This can be particularly valuable when our services are being contracted as part of court proceedings.

Our team of investigative agents have been fully vetted and trained on dealing with sensitive personal topics or business matters, and we’re always on hand to answer any queries and allay any concerns you might have, every step of the way.

Why should I choose Hunter Surveillance Services?

Whether it’s an issue close to your heart or one that affects your livelihood, it can be difficult to know who to trust to carry out a private investigation efficiently, effectively and discreetly. At Hunter Surveillance Services, we understand the challenges that these kinds of situations present and we’re committed to delivering outstanding results, every single time.

The fact that all of our agents are trained to the highest professional standards with a police, military or professional background, means that they will perform their duties safely and discreetly. We boast an incredible record in returning results – backed up by detailed notes, photographic evidence and official documentation where applicable – to ensure you can move forward with your life.

We’re also fully insured against any eventuality, with all of our HSS agents carrying comprehensive employee and public liability policies. Meanwhile, our ICO registration ensures that all of the data we handle is protected and secure at all times. With an unblemished record for impeccable customer service and excellent outcomes, we’re the premier choice for private investigation services in Lancashire and the surrounding area.

iCO Registered

All your personal and private data is safe & secure at all times.

Professional Experts

All our agents are professional, experienced and discreet.

Highly Trained

Our agents are all ex-military, police or proven professionals.

Vehicle Tracking Company

We are trained and experienced in discreet, comprehensive vehicle tracking.

Fully Insured

HSS agents operate with full public and employee liability insurance cover.

Industry-leading Technology

We work with only the best technology, guaranteeing the best results for you.

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