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#1 for Birmingham Surveillance & Investigation Solutions
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Hunter Surveillance Services

Hunter Surveillance Services: Private investigation & surveillance in Birmingham.

We provide a range of surveillance, investigation and GPS tracking services for corporate, commercial and private individuals in Birmingham. All of our agents are highly skilled and trained in discreet and professional surveillance, ready to be deployed at any given time. We cover projects throughout the UK, including Birmingham, helping clients discover the truth and get the proof you need to take a stand.

Welcome to

Hunter Surveillance Services

Hunter Surveillance Services is a private investigation and surveillance company based in the North West, offering private investigator services in Birmingham, and throughout the UK. We provide a range of surveillance, investigation and GPS tracking services for corporate, commercial and private individuals in Birmingham. All of our agents are highly skilled and trained in discreet and professional surveillance, ready to be deployed at any given time. We work throughout the UK, helping clients discover the truth and get the proof you need to take a stand.

Expert Investigators

Our agents are all trained to the highest standard, working safely and discreetly.

Proven Results

Not only will we discover the truth, we provide all necessary evidence for you to act.

ICO Registered

We ensure all personal and private data is protected and secure at all times.

Fully Insured

HSS agents operate with full public and employee liability insurance cover.


Surveillance & Investigation

Corporate surveillance and investigation is on the rise due to the number of untrustworthy employee’s, with today’s society wanting something for nothing. This can be in many area’s such as sickness and absenteeism, suspected moonlighting, corporate theft and any general illegal activities.


Surveillance & Investigation

Our surveillance and investigative expertise isn’t just for businesses. Our team of skilled agents help private individuals in too. Whatever challenge you’re facing, you don’t have to go it alone. Whether you’re searching for a missing person, suspect your partner of cheating or need help with divorce proceedings – we’re here to help.

Born in Lancashire. National reach.

Areas We Cover

Based in the North West of England, our team of professional private investigators and surveillance experts provide tailored services for business and private individuals across the UK, including offering private investigaton services in Birmingham.

Meet our Director

Royal Marines

Driven by his desire to fight injustice and help people discover the truth, Steven Hunter launched Hunter Surveillance Services in 2018.

With over 9 years’ experience as a Royal Marine Commando under his belt, including countless operational tours in hostile areas, Steven has an immense amount of expertise. His surveillance and investigative skill set is second to none, all of which is focused by his results-driven work ethic and professional approach.

Find out more about Steven Hunter

What Our Clients Say

  • “ A1 service as always from the guys at HSS, great results and perfect evidence obtained. Would recommend to friends and family

    Paul Bolton
    Value Customer
  • “Steven did a weeks surveillance for my family when he helped keep an eye on our daughters first holiday abroad. Steven kept us updated on a daily basis and was very professional in his approach throughout the process. Our daughter knew that Steven was there to help if required and found him discreet and helpful. I would definitely recommend Steven.”

  • We used Hunter Surveillance Services for a very Urgent matter, they responded quickly and efficiently and went above and beyond to get the result that left us with very satisfied Client and we would wish to use the Company on future matters when the need arises Thank you so much!!

  • Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company, honest, reassuring, excellent communication with me throughout the time given, follow up has been great, all my crazy questions answered.
    Thank you Steven and if anyone has any concerns about using your company I would be more than happy to offer a reference.

    Karen Jones

Private Investigator FAQs

All of your questions answered

What exactly does a private investigator do?

Broadly speaking, private investigators aim to gather information or evidence to discover the truth for individuals, businesses or other organisations. They do so by covertly following, tracking and observing other parties, as well as performing checks on their background, history and location.

Are private investigators legal?

In short, yes. Private investigation is legal as long as the investigator you’re working with is operating in line with the law. It’s also important that private investigators are ICO registered, to ensure your data and that of any other parties involved is protected.

What can private investigators do legally?

There is a wealth of information available without breaking the law. Private investigators can legally follow people in public spaces and use GPS tracking to monitor locations. They can also use open source records, perform background checks and draw upon the vast amount of information on social media and other sites. They can also take photo and video evidence as long as they aren’t trespassing on private property to do so.

Who can private investigators help?

Private investigators can help both businesses and individuals. Private investigation can assist with personal matters such as infidelity (or cheating), proof of cohabitation and people tracing. On the other hand, it can be invaluable for companies looking to uncover employee theft, corporate fraud, fake sickness or misuse of company vehicles, to name just a few examples.

How much does a private investigator cost?

As with many services, the cost of private investigation can vary based on the complexity, duration and specific requirements of each case. The fee for a one-off background check will be much lower than the cost of ongoing GPS tracking, for example.

Anyone offering a one-size-fits-all fee should generally be avoided, as they will likely add to this ‘set’ cost with lots of unexpected extras. At Hunter Surveillance Services, we provide a tailored, no-obligation quote based on your case so you can make an informed decision about how you want to proceed.

Are private investigations kept confidential?

Privacy and discretion are at the top of the list for any professional private investigator. Persons of interest will not be aware they’re being followed, monitored or tracked and your meetings and communication with investigators will be completely discreet. In short, nobody needs to know about your work with a private investigator, before, during or after your case.

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