Top-Class Private Investigators for Individuals and Businesses


Top-Class Private Investigators for Individuals and Businesses
Your local private investigator in Cheshire

Get the evidence you need with expert private and corporate investigation in Chester

Get the evidence you need with expert private and corporate investigation in Chester

Whether you’re an individual wondering if your partner is cheating or you’re a business owner who needs more information about an employee, we can help. At Hunter Surveillance Services, we offer a wide range of investigation services in Chester for individuals and businesses, including insurance fraud, employee sickness or absenteeism, suspected cheating partners and finding missing people.

We operate in and around the Chester area, so we’re always close by should you need us. The team is led by Steven Hunter who has 9 years of extensive experience and a background as a Royal Marine Commando. Whatever truth you’re seeking, you can be sure our team will find it.

Why not give us a call today on 0808 281 2512 and we’ll get you the truth?

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Local experts

Chester may seem big enough to bury secrets. Not for us. With our in-depth knowledge of the area, and top-notch investigation expertise, nothing stays hidden for long. Whether you’re contacting us from busy Warrington or Runcorn, or you reside in the quaint and quiet Ellesmere Port, our team is equipped to get you the answers you need.

Perhaps your business operates throughout the whole of Cheshire and you want to know where your vehicles are going and if they’re arriving to destinations on time. We can accommodate you, no matter what the circumstances are.

Some of the areas we cover include:

Chester, Warrington, Cheshire, Runcorn, Ellesmere Port, Widnes, Neston, Nantwich and more.

Highly Skilled Specialists

When you contact us, you can be sure you’ll always be greeted by a team of courteous professionals, ready to undertake any challenge you present. Every member of our team has a background in military, policing or investigation.

Undeniable Truth

It’s one thing to suspect something, but quite another to prove it. At Hunter Surveillance Services, we always provide our clients with the evidence they need. Needless to say, this provides complete peace of mind. But it’s also essential when you need to take legal action. You can use the evidence we provide – photos, video surveillance, GPS reports and more – to make your case in court.

Confidential Information

At Hunter Surveillance Services, we understand that anything you provide and any information we gather should remain confidential. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. So, whether we’re investigating in Chester or further afield, we will always remain discreet and trustworthy.

Investigation & surveillance solutions for private individuals in Chester

Investigations for individuals

Suspected cheating partner

Do you have suspicions that your partner is cheating on you but no proof? With the rise of social media and dating apps, like Facebook and Tinder, it’s easier than ever for partners to cheat in secret. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sit and wonder if you should stay in the relationship.

The team at Hunter Surveillance Services are highly skilled at gathering the information you need. Perhaps you suspect your partner because of unusual behaviour or maybe you’re not allowed to look at their phone. Contact us and we’ll put your mind at rest so you can make the best decision for your future.

Tracing a missing person

Worrying about someone who is missing can consume you. Perhaps a family member left home years ago and never returned. Or maybe you’re just looking for someone who owes you money and changed address?

We have everything it takes to find someone who is missing, whether they’re in the Chester area or have moved outside of it. With the right amount of information, we can offer you a no-find, no-fee service that takes up to 4 days. If you have little to no information about where the person could be, we can also offer a more in-depth service for an additional cost.

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Investigation & surveillance solutions for businesses, commercial entities & organisations in Chester

Investigations for Corporate Sector

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Is your employee really sick?

Unfortunately, people know that it’s all too easy to visit a doctor and feign an illness in order to get paid time off work. However, for businesses, it can be hugely damaging. If you suspect an employee of faking sickness, it’s important to find out for sure as soon as possible so your business stops losing money.

Sickness and absenteeism are a major cost in the Chester area, so don’t let it happen to you. Let us provide you with the proof you need to put it to a stop.

Track your vehicles with GPS

As a business owner, it’s important to know where your company vehicles are and what they’re being used for. If you have any suspicions about your vehicles being used for unscrupulous activities, we can use our GPS vehicle tracking to help.

The service includes regular reports and your own live tracking panel so you can view where your vehicles are at any time.

Employee Investigations

Employers put trust in their employees, so it can be discouraging to find out that an employee is acting illegally. Employee investigation is one of the core corporate services we offer throughout Chester and the surrounding county of Cheshire.

Whether you suspect an employee of moonlighting or theft from the company, we can get the proof you need. Uncovering illegal activity can be difficult because some employees are very good at covering their tracks, but we always get to the bottom of things. If you believe your business is at risk, don’t delay – get in touch with us today.

Fraudulent insurance claims

Everyone likes to believe that their employees are trustworthy, but that isn’t always the case. Many people will see an opportunity and take advantage of it. If you believe your employee is wrongfully claiming for an injury to get money they don’t deserve, it’s time to do something about it.

We can help you get the proof you need to find out how serious the injury actually is. If your employee is taking part in social activities instead of working and you’re being forced to pay them for it, things have to change. We’ll provide you with video evidence, photos and more, so you’re able to protect your livelihood.

Proof of cohabitation

Gaining proof of cohabitation is one of the hardest things to do. But you’ll never present us with a challenge that we’re unwilling to take on. Whether you’re trying to prove illegal subletting, fraudulent benefits or even false maintenance claims, our top of the range equipment will catch the perpetrators in the act.

Even if it takes multiple visits to the property or several different locations, we’ll do what it takes to gather the evidence for you. In cases like this, it’s important that you’re given as much evidence as possible to present in court.

iCO Registered

Your personal and private data is safe and secure during and after investigation.

Proven Results

Not only will we discover the truth, we provide all necessary evidence for you to act.

Expert Investigators

Our agents are all trained to the highest standard, working safely and discreetly.

We Take Control

Unburden yourself from worry. We’ll manage your case and determine the truth.

Full Insurance

Our team of investigators has full public and employee liability insurance cover.

Local Team

We’re based in Chorley, Lancashire – and know the North-West back-to-front.

Hunter Surveillance Services

Our Costs

From the urgency to the scale, every case is different. Whatever your goals and challenges, we can provide a cost-effective solution to suit you. We offer day rates and longer-term package deals for all surveillance and investigation services in Chester and across the UK.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and get a free no-obligation quote.

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From Ellesmere Port and Runcorn to Nantwich, Crewe and further afield, we offer cost-effective private and corporate investigation for a range of common issues. If you want to find out more about any of our services, or get a free, no-obligation quote, just get in touch.

Give us a call on 0808 281 2512 or 07555 712 919 and a member of our team will be happy to advise you. We’re here to help you uncover the truth.