Expert Tracking and Surveillance Agents Operating Across the City


Expert Tracking and Surveillance Agents Operating Across the City
Do you need evidence of foul play? Hire the services of a professional investigator in Liverpool today!

Private Investigation Services in Liverpool

If you’re looking for an expert team of investigators in the Liverpool area who can provide you with total peace of mind, look no further.

We offer our services to the general public and corporations alike, so there’s nothing we haven’t seen before. No matter how strong your suspicions of wrongdoing, it can be very difficult to gather concrete evidence. That’s where Hunter Surveillance Services comes in. With our highly skilled and fully equipped team, you can be sure you’ll get the answers you’re searching for. We have experience of everything from cheating partners to insurance fraud and even GPS tracking.

Based locally to Liverpool and the surrounding areas, Hunter Surveillance Services can set up and get you the proof you need promptly and efficiently. Give us a call today on 0808 281 2512.

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areas we operate in

Liverpool is a vibrant city, bursting with life. However, that often means there are plenty of places to bury secrets. Put your trust in us and our team will always track down the truth. From Birkenhead and West Kirby to Huyton and Knowlsley, we’re on hand to help.

Here are some of the areas around Liverpool we cover:

Fairfield, Kensington, Belle Vale, Netherley, Vauxhall, Walton, Edge Hill, Allerton, Everton, Bootle, Crosby, and many more.

Professional Team

When you hire us, you can be sure that an expert investigator will be assigned to your case. Every member of our team has a strong background in policing, military or investigation. The team is led by Steven Hunter, a former Royal Marine Commando with a wealth of experience as an investigator.

Evidence You Can Trust

Before you can act on your suspicions, you’ll need proof of what’s really going on. Whether it’s fraud or infidelity, it’s hugely important to us that you get the right evidence. We’ll provide you with photographs, video surveillance, GPS tracking and extensive reports wherever required. Evidence that will hold up and help your case in court.

Complete Confidentiality

We understand that your privacy and confidentiality is paramount. When you provide us with information and as we come across information during our investigation, you can be sure it will be safeguarded. Whether we’re working in Liverpool or further afield, we will always be discreet.

Investigation & surveillance solutions for private individuals in Liverpool

Private Services for the General Public

Suspected cheating partner

Just the thought of your partner cheating on you is enough to turn your life upside down. If you’re having difficulty concentrating because you’re wondering what your partner is doing, we can help. Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your partner’s behaviour, or maybe you’ve seen suspicious messages.

Whatever the case, we can help to put your mind at rest and give you the information you need to move forward with your life, no matter the outcome. Contact us today and our highly trained team will be able to advise you on your next move.

Finding a missing person

There are some people who just don’t want to be found. Perhaps you’re concerned about a family member you haven’t heard from or maybe you want to trace someone who owes you money. It’s not uncommon for landlords to track down past tenants who owe them arrears in rent, for instance.

It’s notoriously difficult to find a missing person without the right training and experience. But with our highly skilled team and specialist equipment, we’re truly best placed get you the information you need. If you can provide us with enough information to start, we can offer a no-find, no-fee service. Don’t have any information? We’ll still perform an in-depth search at an additional fee.

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Investigation & surveillance solutions for businesses, corporate entities & organisations in Liverpool

Corporate Investigation Services

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Proving cohabitation

It’s never easy for landlords to prove their tenants are behaving fraudulently. Some landlords can spend months trying to gather evidence and still have no closure. At Hunter Surveillance Services, we have the skills and specialist equipment to give you the answers you need.

Even if it means multiple visits to the property, we’ll find out if your tenants are cohabiting, making false maintenance claims, false benefit claims or any other type of illegal activity. You’ll be given a thorough report, photographic evidence, video surveillance and any other proof we’re able to collect.

GPS tracking

Do you suspect your company vehicles are being used for your employee’s personal gain? It can be difficult to keep track of where company vehicles are from day to day, but our GPS tracking packages are ideal for giving you complete peace of mind.

Not only will you be able to see where your vehicles are by using our live tracking panel, but it will also be easier to figure out if employees are lying about the use of the vehicles. Contact us today to get a GPS package up and running.

Insurance fraud

Just because insurance fraud is becoming more common, it doesn’t mean you should stand for it. You should be able to trust your employees but sadly, that isn’t always the case. If you suspect an employee of exaggerating or falsifying a claim for an injury, you need the evidence to prove it.

At Hunter Surveillance Services, we have years of experience finding out the truth when it comes to insurance fraud. We’ll give you all the information you need to quash the claim in court and cut ties with the employee who has caused needless damage your business.

Corporate investigations

From the Wirral to Wavertree, Liverpool employees are typically hardworking and reliable. But that doesn’t mean your business is safe. Unfortunately, there are many people who will seek to take advantage of your business by stealing or moonlighting.

If you believe one or more of your employees are trying to personally gain from illegal activity in the workplace, you need to find out sooner rather than later. Hiring us means you can pass the work onto one of our highly trained investigators, then sit back and wait for the results. Contact us today to set up one of our surveillance packages.

Excessive absenteeism or sickness

Unfortunately, whether you’re in the centre of Liverpool area or across the Mersey, there will always be employees that try to gain more than they’re entitled to. Occasional sickness and absenteeism are to be expected but excessive sickness or absenteeism needs to be dealt with.

Do you suspect an employee of faking an illness to get paid for doing nothing? This can be very damaging for your business. Allow us to investigate and provide you with the proof you need to move forward. We’ll give you the evidence to go to court and dismiss any lying employees.

iCO Registered

Your personal and private data is safe and secure during and after investigation.

Proven Results

Not only will we discover the truth, we provide all necessary evidence for you to act.

Expert Investigators

Our agents are all trained to the highest standard, working safely and discreetly.

We Take Control

Unburden yourself from worry. We’ll manage your case and determine the truth.

Full Insurance

Our team of investigators has full public and employee liability insurance cover.

Local Team

We’re based close to Merseyside – and know the area and Liverpool back-to-front.

Hunter Surveillance Services

Our Costs

From the urgency to the scale, every case is different. Whatever your goals and challenges, we can provide a cost-effective solution to suit you. We offer day rates and longer-term package deals for all surveillance and investigation services in Liverpool and across the UK.

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