Resolve Unexplained Absences with our Employee Surveillance Services


Resolve Unexplained Absences with our Employee Surveillance Services
Hunter Surveillance Services

Sickness & Absenteeism

Are you concerned about an employee’s rate of sickness or absenteeism?

Learning the truth is vital. If employees are lying to avoid their duties, working elsewhere or preparing a claim against your business, it could cost you tens of thousands of pounds. Fortunately, there is an absolute and cost-effective solution. At Hunter Surveillance Services, we help businesses discover the truth and resolve sickness & absenteeism situations with minimal complications. Based in Chorley, Preston, Lancashire, our team of private investigators offer expert surveillance services across the UK. From open source intelligence and reconnaissance to GPS tracking, we offer a range of specialised services. Simply put, our team of private detectives can help you find out if somebody is talking advantage of your business. Call us now to talk to an investigator.

The cost of sickness & absenteeism

Fraudulent absenteeism can cause all kinds of damage to the company you have worked hard to build. Not only does it affect the productivity of a business, it also has a serious impact on team cohesion. Motivating your team to work hard will only be made more difficult if some members of the team refuse to pull their weight. This has financial implications too. Employee sickness-related absences and presenteeism costs the UK economy £77.5 billion a year, according to the latest Vitality Workplace Wellness Survey. In total, 118.6 million working days were lost because of sickness or injury in the UK in 2020 – which equates to 3.6 days lost per worker. Your organisation doesn’t have to fight these numbers single-handedly. This is the link to The Office for National Statistics with statistics of sickness in the workplace including days lost through absence per year to sickness absence rates by employment classification:

Helping you identify fraudsters

If an employee’s rate of sickness or absenteeism is an issue, talk to us. We start every project with an in-depth discussion with you, to ensure we understand the issues you are facing and have as much information on the employee as possible. At this point, we will provide a strategic plan to collate the necessary evidence. Whether you need surveillance or GPS tracking our expert detectives have the experience, know-how and technology to discover the truth without detection. We will monitor the employee, collate HD footage & images, record daily events and report back to you in full. With all our sickness & absenteeism investigation cases, we provide the following:

  • Personal Case Manager – A constant point of contact
  • Experienced Agents – Professional investigators on your side
  • Pre-reports – Before starting, we always do our homework
  • HD footage & images – Concrete proof with time stamps
  • Daily logs and updates – You’re never in the dark
  • GPS tracking history – Track your employee’s movement
  • Final Surveillance Report – Including all findings and evidence

Talk to a member of our team now on 0808 281 2512 or 07555 712 919.

Confidential investigations

Information will only be passed onto agents working for, or on behalf of, HSS. Confidentiality is key.

A team of professionals

All our agents have either a military, policing or proven professional background. We also have a number of specialist operatives and undercover agents.

Urban or rural

Whether working in a city centre or out in the country, our agents carry a selection of equipment with them for any eventuality. We’re available on standby 24/7.

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What we can do for you?

  • Employee Investigation
  • Employee Surveillance
  • High Quality Video of Employee Movement
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking

When we’re finished, you will have everything you need to make an informed decision, confront your employee, start disciplinary proceedings and – if it comes to it – present undeniable evidence in court.

What drives us to get results

Finding offenders and putting a stop to this strain on British businesses is what drives us. Whether your employee is claiming against your company and exaggerating their injuries or falsely claiming to be ill and demanding sick pay, we can help.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

  • Edited evidence video
  • Evidence log
  • Tracking report (if requested)
  • End of surveillance report

iCO Registered

All your personal and private data is safe & secure at all times.

Professional Experts

All our agents are professional, experienced and discreet.

Highly Trained

Our agents are all ex-military, police or proven professionals.

Vehicle Tracking Company

We are trained and experienced in discreet, comprehensive vehicle tracking.

Fully Insured

HSS agents operate with full public and employee liability insurance cover.

Industry-leading Technology

We work with only the best technology, guaranteeing the best results for you.

Hunter Surveillance Services

Our Rates

We offer day rates and longer term package deals for all surveillance requirements. For a free quote and advice on the best services and steps to help your situation, contact us today.

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