10 Signs Your Partner is Cheating On You

Whether it comes as a shock or is something you’ve been suspecting for a while, cheating is a habit that around one in five British adults confess to indulging in. The trend has become much simpler in the digital age, with smartphone apps and online websites making it easier than ever for both men and women to play the field, often unbeknown to their partner. While discovering an affair can be traumatic and life-changing, most people would rather uncover the truth than remain in the dark.

Do you suspect your partner of cheating? Here’s a few tell-tale signs your partner could be doing the dirty.

1.  Extra work

Some of the most obvious signs your partner could be having an affair are spending extended hours at work or planning spontaneous business trips. These are two of the most commonly used cover-ups to watch out for, especially if your partner becomes defensive when asked about the new trend. They could even try to deflect the accusation and accuse you of spending less time at home and becoming distant.

2.  Lack of intimacy

Less sex with your partner is a natural side effect of an affair. Your partner is seeking intimacy elsewhere which means your relationship in the bedroom will likely suffer as a result. Again, if your partner shows signs of defensiveness or offense when quizzed on the matter, it could be time to start digging for more evidence.

3.  Making the effort

A new commitment to working out at the gym, or a sudden change in appearance involving new clothes, perfume or makeup, could be an indicator that your partner has a new reason to impress. Of course, these sorts of signs can be independently driven and have nothing to do with cheating. But if you suspect there’s an affair in the works, hiring a private investigator to confirm infidelity can be worth it.

4.  Strange spending

If you notice unexplained spending on your joint account, or find mysterious receipts for restaurants, hotels or retail stores, it could be a sign your partner is channelling cash into another relationship.

5.  Going AWOL

Being unable to reach your partner on the phone or having long periods of time elapse before they respond to a text, email or voice message, can be an indicator that their attention is elsewhere.

6.  Secret accounts

Secret accounts, including email, Instagram and online dating profiles, are a telling sign that your partner is liaising with someone they shouldn’t be. You may also notice your partner has a second phone that they try to pass off as a work device.

7.  Missed calls

Missed calls from an unknown number or a name you’ve never heard of can be an indicator of an affair. If your partner answers the phone in front of you and acts awkward or ambiguous, it could be time to start following up on your suspicions.

8.  Hostile behaviour

Cheating partners often rationalise their behaviour by telling themselves that their affair is justified. You may notice this in the form of hostility towards you and your relationship. They may criticise your appearance, nit-pick your behaviour or find fault in things that are completely normal.

9.  Trust your instincts

Sometimes a simple gut feeling can be the best indicator that something in your relationship isn’t right. Maybe you’ve noticed a feeling of prickliness or distance from your partner. Perhaps something in their tone of voice isn’t quite right. Ultimately, you’re the best judge on the healthiness of your relationship which means trusting your instincts can be a powerful pointer.

10.              And location?

Tough luck if you live in Stratford-upon-Avon, with a recent “Infidelity Index” revealing the tourist-friendly market town is the most adulterous place in the country. Wilmslow, a commuter town in Cheshire, was another culprit. In big cities such as London, cheating can also become easier as a sense of anonymity is much easier to maintain.

Uncovering the truth with a private detective

While it can be completely normal to notice a few of these warning signs, three or four can be a good indicator that your partner is engaged in an affair with a third party. If you believe your accusations have traction, the next step is to start digging deeper and if there is an affair in the works, begin to gather evidence.

Dealing with an unfaithful partner can be stressful and traumatic, which is why it’s important to get to the bottom of an affair as soon as possible. Do you suspect your partner of cheating? Here’s how Hunter Surveillance Services can help:

Matrimonial investigation

If there’s any doubt regarding the faithfulness of your partner, the professional and discreet investigators at Hunter Surveillance Services can help you uncover the truth you deserve. Using above board investigation techniques, they can empower you with all the information and evidence you need before you confront your cheating partner.

Eliminating unnecessary drama

Jealousy can be a natural emotion, especially if you have pre-existing insecurities or have been hurt in the past. While uncovering affairs is something a private investigator can help you with, in some cases there will be nothing to expose and your suspicions could be driven by groundless anxieties.

In these sorts of cases, enlisting the help of a private investigator could help you find out the truth without jeopardising a valuable relationship or unnecessarily accusing your partner of cheating. With complete confidentiality, you’ll be able to seek the peace of mind you need without creating waves.

Divorce proceedings

After confirming an affair, divorce proceedings are the next step towards gaining closure and starting your new life. Even if you’re not married, de facto relationship or civil partnership status could still give you grounds for a financial claim.

To ensure you get a fair divorce settlement, you want to have access to all the relevant information in order to strengthen your case and support your claims. This includes information on financial assets, proof of extra martial affairs and other documents. Fronted by a highly skilled team, Hunter Surveillance Services can help you put together a formidable case.

Get the truth you deserve

Whether it’s suspicious overtime at work or just odd behaviour, Hunter Surveillance Services can find the evidence you need to confirm or disprove your suspicions. We can help you catch a cheating partner. To find out more about our services, get in touch today on 07555 712919 or by emailing [email protected].

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