Successfully Track and Locate Vehicles with our GPS Tracking Solutions


Successfully Track and Locate Vehicles with our GPS Tracking Solutions
Hunter Surveillance Services

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Do you need to track the location and movement of a vehicle?

Whether it’s your own or somebody else’s, Hunter Surveillance Services can successfully locate and track vehicles. Maybe you have an important corporate investigation – perhaps you want to check expense claims, track a vehicle you believe is being used for personal reasons or monitor an employee that’s claiming to be sick but working elsewhere. Alternatively, it could be for a matrimonial investigation – you could be suspicious of your partner and simply need to know if your suspicions are true. Either way, we can help you discover the truth with our GPS vehicle tracking services. Based in Chorley, Preston, Lancashire, our team of surveillance experts provide tracking solutions in local areas like Wigan, Bolton and Blackburn and further afield across the UK. We have the know-how and technological expertise needed to legally monitor vehicles and track movement without being detected. Ready to track a vehicle? Call us today to talk to a surveillance expert.

Vehicle tracking solutions

Our GPS trackers can be deployed discreetly on vehicles for as long as you need, whether that’s a few days or several months. We ensure that all of our trackers are contained in waterproof wrappings and covers, meaning these devices can be used for nearly every occasion, no matter the time of year or weather conditions. Vehicle positioning updates will be supplied regularly, ranging from every 5 seconds to every 60 minutes, so you can be constantly aware of its movement. You can even receive a text message to your mobile phone when the vehicle has started moving or when it has entered or exited a specific area. As an added bonus, the tracking history can also be viewed in a written format on the tracking server, with the option to copy and print. So, there is no denying where the vehicle has been.

Why use a tracker?

Whether you’re concerned that a company vehicle is being misused, suspect that a partner may be up to no good or just want to keep an eye on a loved one’s whereabouts, a GPS tracker is an easy and discreet way to do so. Trackers are often used alongside surveillance to also get the necessary HD video evidence, so you know exactly what the person is getting up to with the vehicle in question. Our specialist teams can deploy trackers anywhere in the UK. We offer an online live tracking panel, so you can simply log in and find out where the vehicle is. All of our GPS tracking investigations come with the following benefits…

GPS tracker being used with live updates

Confidential investigations

Information will only be passed onto agents working for, or on behalf of, HSS. Confidentiality is key.

A team of professionals

All our agents have either a military, policing or proven professional background. We also have a number of specialist operatives and undercover agents.

Urban or rural

Whether working in a city centre or out in the country, our agents carry a selection of equipment with them for any eventuality. We’re available on standby 24/7.

Hunter Surveillance Services private investigators preston

What we can do for you?

  • LIVE GPS Tracking
  • Movement Alerts
  • Tracking History
  • Deployment & Retrieval

Do you know where your partner goes when they leave the family home? Are you suspicious of their activities? Are your company vehicles where they should be? Are they being used for more than just work?

What drives us to get results

Hunter Surveillance Services can deploy and track vehicles, giving you peace of mind and the answers you need. From the military to the police, our team draws experience from a wide range of professions. We work in a professional manner, providing clear and accurate findings every time.

Step 1

  • Contact our team
  • Explain your case
  • Get a free quote

Step 2

  • Information enquiries
  • Reconnaissance
  • GPS tracker discreetly deployed

Step 3

  • Live tracking
  • Geo-fence updates
  • Access tracking history

Step 4

  • Complete tracking report
  • Evidence log
  • End of surveillance report

iCO Registered

All your personal and private data is safe & secure at all times.

Professional Experts

All our agents are professional, experienced and discreet.

Highly Trained

Our agents are all ex-military, police or proven professionals.

Vehicle Tracking Company

We are trained and experienced in discreet, comprehensive vehicle tracking.

Fully Insured

HSS agents operate with full public and employee liability insurance cover.

Industry-leading Technology

We work with only the best technology, guaranteeing the best results for you.

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