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Professional investigation & surveillance services for the corporate sector.

Welcome to Hunter Surveillance Services – a friendly, approachable and discreet team of corporate private investigators in the North West.

We provide a range of surveillance, investigation and GPS tracking services for businesses, organisations and corporate entities. Our team of highly skilled operatives cover both local and national projects, providing clients with the truth and proof they need to take action. Call our investigation team for an accurate, no-obligation quote.


Commercial PI

What can we do for you?

  • - Identify fraudulent claims
  • - Discover false sickness and absenteeism
  • - Gather evidence of workplace theft
  • - Provide all evidence necessary to act

Your business should not suffer due to an employee's fraudulent actions. The corporate private investigators at Hunter Surveillance Services are here to help. We are experts in uncovering fraud and discovering the truth for our clients.

Concrete Evidence.

Whether it's video evidence of a theft taking place, photos of an individual injury free or the location of an absent employee, we will provide you with all the evidence you need.

Discreet Agents.

Our agents are all trained to work in a safe, discreet and professional manner, never giving away their intentions or findings. Unless necessary to the investigation, we will never share any information with anyone.

Professional Team.

Our entire team are highly trained expert corporate private investigators, with backgrounds in the military, police or proven professionals.

Our corporate services.

Dealing with insurance fraud.

Are you worried that an employee is exaggerating an injury? Sadly, there are many people out there who will lie in order to claim money that isn't rightfully theirs. At Hunter Surveillance Services, we can tell you if your employee is lying about an injury and give you the proof you need to present in court.

Don't let one person damage your business and reputation for their own personal gain. Take the weight off your shoulders and let us do all the digging for you.

Absenteeism and employee sickness.

Are you tired of having to pay someone who isn't doing the work? All too often, businesses are dealing with employees who claim to be sick but are well enough to work. However, it's often too hard to catch these employees without help.

If you don't want to put up with these types of people anymore, we're ready to help you put a stop to it. With state-of-the-art surveillance technology, we're fully equipped to get as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time. Whatever your requirements, we'll get you the evidence you need to take action against improper absenteeism and employee sickness.

Non-compete breach investigations.

Is a former employee taking your clients or using vital information create unfair competition for your business? In most cases, this will be a violation or breach of a non-compete clause in their contract. And you don't have to put up with it.

Despite this being legally prohibited, this type of activity has become increasingly common – and is hurting businesses across the UK. If it's happening to you, we can make sure the perpetrators don't get away with it.

Counter surveillance solutions.

Are you being followed? Are your movements being monitored? Whether you're the target of a surveillance operation for business or personal purposes, we can help.

Given that these services are normally performed by highly trained professionals, it's very difficult to detect their presence. However, with experienced agents, highly advanced technological equipment and a personal case manager at your disposal, our expert counter surveillance services can provide the perfect solution.

Vehicle tracking with GPS.

When you've worked hard to build up your business, you want to know that your employees are contributing in the way they should. If you think one of your company vehicles is being used in a way it shouldn't be, we can help get the proof.

Our GPS vehicle tracking services can identify whether your work vehicles are visiting the right destinations and if they're arriving on time. You'll be given an extensive report of the vehicles' movements and you can track the vehicle in real time with your own live tracking panel. You'll no longer have to wonder where your vehicles are and how employees are using them.

For helpful advice and an accurate, no-obligation quote, call our investigation team on 0808 281 2512 today. We're here to help you uncover the truth.

Driven to get the results you need.

Identifying a fraudulent claim or discovering who is responsible for a workplace theft can be difficult, especially if you're trying to do it alone. We are highly trained, skilled individuals who can help you to get the truth and evidence you deserve.

Expert Investigators


Our agents are all trained to the highest standard, working safely and discreetly.

Proven Results


We will discover the truth and provide all necessary evidence for you to act.

ICO Registered


We ensure all personal and private data is always protected and secure.

Fully Insured


Hunter Surveillance Service agents operate with full public and employee liability insurance cover.

What to expect from our service?

If you need a private investigation service, the first step is to get in touch and schedule an initial consultation. You can explain your case during the consultation and provide any relevant information or documents. After the consultation, we will give you a free quote and our terms and conditions. If you accept the terms and conditions.

The second step is to provide Hunter Surveillance Services with all the information we need to conduct our investigation. This may include relevant documents, such as contracts, emails, or text messages. Our investigation service may also conduct reconnaissance and use open-source intelligence (OSINT) to gather information. If necessary, we may also deploy a GPS tracker.

The third step is the actual investigation. This may involve surveillance, where our investigation service will monitor the activities of individuals involved in the case. We may also keep a daily log and provide regular updates on our progress. If requested, we may also use GPS tracking to monitor the movement of individuals or vehicles.

At the end of the investigation, our service will provide you with an edited evidence video, an evidence log, and a tracking report (if necessary). Working with our professional investigation service can help you gain the information you need to make informed decisions in a stressful situation.


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Discuss your case
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Accept our T&C's


Provide us with all information
ONSIT (Open source intelligence)
GPS tracker deployed (if requested)


Daily log and updates
GPS tracking (if requested)


Edited evidence video
Evidence log
Tracking report (if necessary)
End of surveillance report

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