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Hunter Surveillance Services is a private investigation and surveillance company based in Lancashire, serving the Birmingham and throughout the UK.

We provide a range of surveillance, investigation and GPS-tracking services for corporate, commercial and private individuals in Birmingham. Our agents are highly skilled and trained in discreet and professional surveillance, ready to be deployed across Birmingham at any given time. We cover local and national projects, helping clients discover the truth and get the proof they need to take a stand.


Get the information you need from the Birmingham's #1 private investigator.

Do you or your company require the services of a Birmingham private investigator to give you peace of mind? Whether it's a cheating partner, dishonest tenant, non-paying client, or something else you need information about, Hunter Surveillance Services are here to help.

Our surveillance agents have plenty of experience taking on various investigative projects with both commercial and personal interests at heart. We've helped everyone, from private citizens to large corporations, get to the bottom of a matter troubling them emotionally or financially, from missing persons and divorce proceedings to insurance fraud and employee theft.

We're the number one private investigation service provider in Birmingham. Why suffer any problem alone? Our surveillance team are waiting to take your call – call 0808 281 2512 for a no-obligation quote and free, impartial advice on what to do next.

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We will discover the truth and provide all necessary evidence for you to act.

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We ensure all personal and private data is always protected and secure.

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Hunter Surveillance Service's Birmingham agents operate with full public and employee liability insurance cover.

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Corporate solutions: Birmingham surveillance & private investigation.

In today's society, businesses must take precautions against internal threats from untrustworthy employees. Corporate surveillance and investigation are essential to identify and prevent illegal activities that may be happening within the organisation. From sickness and absenteeism to suspected moonlighting, theft, and other general illegal activities, corporate investigators play a vital role in protecting the interests of companies. We undertake all aspects of corporate surveillance and investigation, including insurance fraud, sickness and absenteeism, GPS vehicle tracking, employee theft, and non-compete breach investigations.

Why corporate surveillance and investigation is on the rise?

Corporate surveillance and investigation have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the number of untrustworthy employees in today's society. Many employees want something for nothing, which can manifest in various ways, such as feigning sickness or absenteeism, engaging in corporate theft, or indulging in other illegal activities. To protect themselves from such threats, businesses have turned to corporate investigators to identify, prevent, and mitigate the risks associated with internal threats.

More about our Birmingham corporate investigation services.

Corporate investigators are professionals who companies hire to investigate suspicious activities that may be happening within the organisation. They use various techniques, such as surveillance, background checks, and other investigative methods, to gather information and evidence. Corporate investigators work closely with companies to identify and prevent internal threats, ensuring the organisation's interests are always protected.

Insurance fraud is a prevalent problem that affects many businesses in Birmingham. Corporate investigators play a vital role in identifying and preventing insurance fraud, saving companies significant sums of money. Investigators use various techniques, such as surveillance and background checks, to identify fraudulent claims and gather evidence. This evidence can then be used to prosecute those responsibly and recover any losses incurred.

Sickness and absenteeism are significant business problems, leading to lost productivity and revenue. Corporate investigators can help companies identify employees feigning sickness or absenteeism using various techniques such as surveillance and other investigative methods. This information can be used to take appropriate action, such as disciplinary action or termination of employment.

GPS vehicle tracking is a powerful tool that businesses can use to monitor the movements of employees who use company vehicles. This can help companies identify employees using company vehicles for unauthorised activities, such as moonlighting or other illegal activities. Corporate investigators can also use GPS tracking to gather evidence for insurance claims, theft, and other internal investigations.

Employee theft is a significant problem for many businesses, costing companies billions annually. Corporate investigators play a vital role in identifying and preventing employee theft, using various techniques such as surveillance, background checks, and other investigative methods. Investigators work closely with companies to identify and deter internal threats, ensuring that the organisation's interests are protected at all times.

Non-compete breaches are a significant problem for Birmingham businesses, especially those in competitive industries. Corporate investigators can help companies identify employees violating non-compete agreements using various techniques such as surveillance and other investigative methods. This information can then be used to take appropriate legal action, protecting the organisation's interests and preventing further violations.

Expert private investigations: Surveillance & intelligence services.

Surveillance and investigation services are for more than just businesses. Our team of skilled agents in Birmingham and surrounding areas also offer private solutions to individuals facing various challenges. Whether you are searching for a missing person, suspect your partner of cheating, or need help with divorce proceedings, we are here to help.

How can our private surveillance and investigation services help?

Private surveillance and investigation services can assist individuals with various personal challenges they may be facing. Our team of skilled Birmingham investigators uses multiple techniques, such as surveillance, background checks, and other investigative methods, to gather information and evidence to help individuals make informed decisions.

More about our Birmingham private investigation services.

Suspecting your partner cheating can be a difficult and emotional time. Our team of Birmingham investigators can help you catch a cheating partner by using various surveillance techniques to gather evidence. We work discreetly to protect your privacy and provide you with the evidence you need to make informed decisions about your relationship.

Proof of cohabitation is often needed in legal proceedings, such as divorce or child custody cases. Our team of Birmingham investigators can help you gather the evidence you need to prove cohabitation, such as surveillance, interviews, and other investigative methods. We work closely with our clients to ensure they have the evidence to make informed decisions in their legal proceedings.

Finding a missing person can be a challenging and emotional time. Our team of PIs can help you locate missing persons using various techniques, such as surveillance, interviews, and other investigative methods. We work closely with our clients to ensure we have all the information we need to locate the missing person.

GPS vehicle tracking can track the movements of vehicles. Our team of expert Birmingham PIs can use GPS vehicle tracking to gather evidence for various purposes, such as catching a cheating partner or finding a missing person. We work closely with our clients to ensure they have the evidence they need to make informed decisions.

Divorce proceedings can be complex and emotional. Our Birmingham private investigators can assist with divorce proceedings by gathering evidence for various purposes, such as proof of infidelity, cohabitation, or other relevant information. We work closely with our clients and their legal representatives to ensure they have the evidence to make informed decisions in their divorce proceedings.

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Why might you need private investigation services in Birmingham?

Hiring a Birmingham private investigator may seem like something straight out of a Hollywood movie. However, Hunter Surveillance Services has plenty of experience helping people and businesses throughout the UK. Unearthing the truth about personal affairs, preventing losses for your company and providing evidence for legal cases - it's what we do.

For example, we often get tasked with tracking down a missing person. Whether it's a family member who has slipped off the radar or an acquaintance who seems to have vanished into thin air, we can provide tangible results where the police have fallen short.

Alternatively, it could be that you're concerned that your partner is cheating on you. Are they leaving the house earlier and coming home later than usual? Do they seem secretive, irritable or erratic in their behaviour? Have they mysteriously acquired a new phone, and do they jealously guard its contents? All of these could be the tell-tale signs of an unfaithful lover - but the only way to know is to hire a private investigator.

The same investigative experience and know-how make us a valuable asset to many local businesses. You might be a landlord or estate agent suspecting subletting at one of your properties. Or perhaps you suspect an employee stealing from your company or fraudulently claiming sick pay.

Whatever the reason, Hunter Surveillance Services can help you solve the problem and ease your worries. Our Birmingham private investigation services are effective, discreet and confidential, giving you the information you need to get on with your life.

How does our Birmingham investigation process work?

It couldn't be simpler to start the ball rolling on a private investigation. All that's required is an email or phone call to one of our experienced operatives, all with a police, military or professional background. As a result, they have intimate knowledge of conducting a discreet surveillance operation and extracting the information you desire.

During the initial consultation, we'll work closely with you or your business to understand your unique situation's specifics and ascertain your targets. With everyone on the same page, we'll supply you with a no-obligation quote for our services. Once you've agreed to the arrangement in principle, we'll devise a plan for unearthing the required information.

To do so, we have various techniques and tactics at our disposal, all of which have been honed over many years of training and practice. Our playbook includes (but is not limited to) the following methods of investigation:

  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Static and mobile surveillance
  • Digital espionage
  • 4K HD video footage
  • Rural and urban experience

At the outset of any new project, we'll do our best to give an estimation of the timeframe that it might involve, though that can certainly vary from case to case. Then, once we have acquired the information that you need, we'll furnish you with the official documentation and evidence which supports our findings. This can be particularly valuable when our services are being contracted as part of court proceedings.

Our investigative agents have been thoroughly vetted and trained in sensitive personal or business matters. We're always on hand to answer any queries and ease any concerns you might have every step of the way.

Why should I choose Hunter Surveillance Services?

Whether it's an issue close to your heart or affecting your livelihood, it can be challenging to know who to trust to carry out a private investigation efficiently, effectively and discreetly. At Hunter Surveillance Services, we understand the challenges these kinds of situations present and are committed to delivering outstanding results every single time.

The fact that all of our Birmingham agents are trained to the highest professional standards with a police, military or professional background means that they will perform their duties safely and discreetly. We boast an incredible record in returning results - backed up by detailed notes, photographic evidence and official documentation where applicable - to ensure you can move forward with your life.

We're also fully insured against any eventuality, with all our HSS agents carrying comprehensive employee and public liability policies. Meanwhile, our ICO registration ensures that all of the data we handle is always protected and secure. With an unblemished record for impeccable customer service and excellent outcomes, we're the premier choice for private investigation services throughout the UK.

What can a Private Investigator do legally in Birmingham?

Whether a loved one has gone missing or you suspect an employee of faking sickness, there are many reasons why a person would want to hire a private investigator (PI) in Birmingham. But with new privacy laws and a strict legal system, how can you be sure everything they do is above board and could hold up in a court of law? Read on to learn more about the UK regulations, what methods PIs can legally use and why you would want to hire a PI in the first place.

What does the law say in the UK?

In the UK, many laws and regulations rightly protect personal security and privacy, including the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation, the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 and the older Regulation in Investigatory Powers Act 2000. These laws protect your safety and prevent people from infringing on your human rights. With plenty of speculation surrounding the private security industry, however, it's critical that when choosing a PI, you opt for a company that places the law above all else.

Trained professionals.

How can you ensure that you're getting the best of the best? Being a member of security bodies like the ICO - the UK's independent authority - means PIs operate discreetly, with your strictest confidentially. This body is set up to uphold individuals' information rights and data privacy. Although PIs don't require experience in the police or military, it does offer more peace of mind for clients with this background.

You can rest assured that investigators with a professional background will work hard to deliver expert results 100 per cent above board. Unlike the police, however, PIs don't hold the same legal rights over members of the public. For example, PIs can't make arrests or trespass on private property. It is also illegal for anyone to impersonate a member of the police force to obtain any information for their private investigation.

By following this strict set of regulations and procedures alongside personal discretion, PIs can ensure all their work is completed to the highest standard and is admissible in a court of law.

Investigative methods.

So, precisely what investigative methods can PIs utilise? The first rule of any PI investigation is that everyone remains safe and that they do not intentionally cause any damage or injury. PIs will then use whatever legal means necessary to acquire the relevant information. Here's a rundown of what exactly PIs can and can't legally use in their investigations:

OFFICIAL RECORDS: Private investigators have finely tuned skills to conduct research and background checks on a person. To do so, they can legally access all public records, including criminal and court documents. However, PIs can't legally obtain private documents such as phone, financial, medical or court-sealed records. They are also not allowed to open mail or order a credit report without the consent of the individual in question.

COMPUTERS & PHONES: Private investigators are legally not allowed to hack or wiretap a laptop/computer, phone or tablet. They only have access to these documents if they have the owner's express permission.

SURVEILLANCE: There is a wealth of information available without breaking the law. Private investigators can legally follow people in public spaces and use GPS tracking to monitor locations. They can also use open-source records, perform background checks and draw upon the vast amount of information on social media and other sites. They can also take a photo and video evidence as long as they aren't trespassing on private property to do so.

INTERVIEWS: Word of mouth is another excellent way to gather relevant information from a friend, co-worker or relative. This can be used to help find a missing person or monitor someone's behaviour.

What can PIs legally investigate?

Investigative methods vary from company to company. But most organisations will use various techniques to obtain specific information, whether for a private individual or corporate purposes. Here are a few possible examples of what precisely a PI can investigate:

MISSING PEOPLE: PI companies can legally search for missing people in the UK using surveillance methods. This could be a lost loved one, someone avoiding paying their debts or even a cowboy contractor who has left you in the lurch.

MATRIMONIAL SURVEILLANCE: Do you suspect your spouse is cheating? Do you need confirmation they are having an affair? Private investigators are legally allowed to follow people and report their activities to individuals.

ASSETS & PROPERTY: Whether you need to uncover assets for a divorce hearing or a business liquidation, PIs can help. This service is relevant for people or businesses who need professional help to conduct searches through public records.

CORPORATE INVESTIGATIONS: Do you have an employee constantly feigning sickness? Or are you worried about workplace theft? PIs in the UK can offer a range of corporate investigation services. They can use the appropriate legal surveillance methods to provide valid evidence to the employer.

INSURANCE FRAUD: Insurance fraud is on the rise, with a whopping £90m fraud claims detected by insurance group Aviva in 2017. This is where PIs step in, helping corporate firms and individuals build up a case. They do this by providing reports and footage with dates and time stamps. A professional Birmingham private investigator can help you gain high-quality evidence from false workplace injuries to crash-for-cash incidents.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP: Hunter Surveillance Services provides expert private investigation services for individuals and corporate clients in Birmingham. Our discreet, highly skilled operatives work quickly to the letter of the law to help you uncover the truth and get the evidence you deserve. To find out more and discuss your options, get in touch today.

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What customers say about our Birmingham PI service.

At Hunter Surveillance Services, we go above and beyond to satisfy customers. From our accreditations and training to the complete systems and advanced surveillance technologies we have in place - no stone is left unturned. So, when our customers say great things about our services, we couldn't be happier. Take a look and see for yourself.

Private Investigator FAQs.

All of your questions answered.

Private investigators aim to gather information or evidence to discover the truth for individuals, businesses or other organisations. They do so by covertly following, tracking and observing other parties and performing checks on their background, history and location.

In short, yes. Private investigation is legal as long as the investigator you're working with operates in line with the law. It's also essential that private investigators are ICO registered to ensure your data and that of any other parties involved are protected.

There is a wealth of information available without breaking the law. Private investigators can legally follow people in public spaces and use GPS tracking to monitor locations. They can also use open-source records, perform background checks and draw upon the vast amount of information on social media and other sites. They can also take a photo and video evidence as long as they aren't trespassing on private property to do so.

Private investigators can help both businesses and individuals. Private investigation can assist with personal matters such as infidelity (or cheating), proof of cohabitation and people tracing. On the other hand, it can be invaluable for companies looking to uncover employee theft, corporate fraud, fake sickness or misuse of company vehicles, to name just a few examples.

As with many services, the cost of private investigation can vary based on each case's complexity, duration and specific requirements. For example, the fee for a one-off background check will be much lower than the cost of ongoing GPS tracking.

Anyone offering a one-size-fits-all fee should generally be avoided, as they will likely add to this 'set' cost with lots of unexpected extras. At Hunter Surveillance Services, we provide a tailored, no-obligation quote based on your case so you can decide how you want to proceed.

Privacy and discretion are at the top of any professional private investigator list. Persons of interest will not be aware they're being followed, monitored or tracked, and your meetings and communication with investigators will be completely discreet. In short, nobody needs to know about your work with a private investigator before, during or after your case.